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Pregnancy Concerns | First Time Pregnancy Blog

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Pregnancy complications are a common occurrence nowadays. It can happen even to healthy women and to those who bear children in the past. If you are considering yourself to get pregnant, you may check the following situations in order to equip yourself in experiencing these common pregnancy complications.

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Common Pregnancy Complications

Exercise and pregnancy could be compatible. In fact, you need to keep your body fit in order to enjoy this wonderful period of your life.

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Safe Exercises for Each Trimestral Period of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful part of any woman’s life but one of the not so wonderful but very common parts is pregnancy hemorrhoids. This condition is caused by the increased flow of blood plus changing hormonal levels that a pregnant woman experiences throughout her body during pregnancy. Another common condition that she may experience is varicose veins as well.

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Exercising During Pregnancy – Take it Easy

Exercising During Pregnancy – Low Impact Exercises

You have to be careful when exercising during pregnancy. At this time, your balance or loss of it is real. It is better to avoid riding horses, motorcycles or snowmobiles for the duration of your first time pregnancy. Many ladies would feel safer having some good advice from their fitness trainer, medical professionals or other moms.

During the first few months or first trimester, you have to watch your body temperature and hydrate yourself when exercising during pregnancy. At this time when development is at its most fragile, and the baby is sensitive to extreme temperatures. Try not work out if you are not feeling that well or not up to it. When you are exercising during pregnancy, inhale and exhale normally. Wear comfortable work out clothes, pick a safe, non-slip environment, use supports and training equipment specifically that can assist you with your shifting sense and center of gravity.

exercising during pregnancy

exercising during pregnancy

You need to warm up and cool down properly when exercising during pregnancy. You can build strength, endurance and stamina at your own pace as an expectant mom. Don’t push yourself too hard. Discuss with your trainer or personal coach to modify and tailor your workouts, decide the types of activities that suit your needs, trimester, phase and stage, fitness-level and unique pregnancy.

Swimming or walking are some of the safest activities and can be great, even if you didn’t exercise regularly before your first time pregnancy. Discuss with your trainer and doctor about creating an exercise program designed , customize and adapted for you, your needs and your goals. You could consider using a treadmill, exercise bike or even swimming when exercising during pregnancy to get your target heart rate up. Always have a few ways of exercising so that you won’t be bored and will stick with it. You can also consider yoga or pilate for relaxation and strengthening of the muscles.

exercising during pregnancy

exercising during pregnancy

It is fashionable, trendy and the in thing for mothers-to-be to do and it will definitely help you to keep fit and be ready. If you discuss with your trainer and doctors before you start on any program, exercising during pregnancy is safe and easy.

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First Time Pregnancy – Benefits of Exercises

First Time Pregnancy – Effects of Exercises

There are many benefits of exercises during your first time pregnancy but you have to be aware of the risk too so that you can take the necessary precautions.

When you exercise, you body will produce more endorphins. They are wonderful natural substances in the body which puts you in a good mood. However, to make it more effective, you have to exercise regularly about 3-4 times per week. You can set your goals and choose which activity you would like to do which is not too difficult. You could combine going to the gym, yoga, pilate or even swimming so that you will be able to enjoy it during your first time pregnancy.

You have to stay focused and try to work with a trainer at least once a week to help you to keep to the schedule. If you do everything on your own, you might not be as motivated. When you go for yoga or pilate classes, try to bring a friend of a neighbor together with you. This will help you to enjoy every session that you attend and if any emergency arises, there is always someone around to assist you since this is your first time pregnancy.

If you have any health conditions, always check with your doctor first before you begin any exercise plan. Always bear in mind that it is better for you to refrain and abstain from rigorous activity that can place you or the baby at increased risk. That will defeat the purpose of exercising if the risk is too high. Remember that the purpose of exercising is not to lose weight but to keep you fit and healthy and have any easy delivery since this is your first time pregnancy.

If you have any orthopedic problems, special needs, high risk, complications type pregnancy, blood sugar issues, heart disease, breathing type illness, low or high blood pressure, you need to highlight them to your your doctor and the fitness expert/instructor before any type of activity during your first time pregnancy. Check with them whether it is safe for you to start on the program.

first time pregnancy exercises

first time pregnancy exercises

Always exercise at your own pace and according to your own ability and listen to the warning signs your body provides. Try to be careful and do not over-exert, risk, hurt or injure yourself, your abdomen or your baby. You can plan your workouts and daily priorities into your daily schedule and always take it easy. If you do not have the time to go to the gym, you can always do some light exercises for 20 minutes at home in the morning and also 20 minutes in the evening. This will help you to be more fit in your first time pregnancy.

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First Time Pregnancy – Take Precautions When Exercising

First Time Pregnancy – Consult Your Doctor

The main idea to exercise during your first time pregnancy is not to lose weight but to have a healthy baby and to stay fit. It is necessary for you to have both mental and physical control, overall positive attitude, good general well-being, increased flexibility, and stronger muscles, to help you deal better during and after your first time pregnancy, labor and delivery (even after and through recovery)! There are many things that you can do to prepare best/better, more, faster, for labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery.

If you exercise during your first time pregnancy, it can alleviate stress, symptoms, physical challenges and obstacles, which you will encounter during your first time pregnancy, such as sciatica, fatigue, swelling, and aiding digestion. The true value of these types of regular exercise, fitness and activities, even pre-natal classes uplift and will inspire your to deeply connect with your own self and the changes that your are going through. You will be more aware of baby hump, be in touch with the developing new life and baby growing inside and overall prepares you for this new journey and phase of your first time pregnancy.

first time pregnancy consultation

first time pregnancy consultation

There are many benefits, risks and reward, safety precautions and measures to take, types of activities to indulge and partake in order to reap full potential and opportunity. It is of the very important that you never over-exert yourself or put your body or baby at risk. It would be a good idea to consult with your doctor, physiotherapist or health care professional first regarding the types of exercises and workouts that are suitable for you. You can always check with them whether the types of activities that you have selected or chosen from are advisable for you or not since you want to be able to enjoy the process. You will have more peace knowing that it won’t cause any harm to you or your unborn baby during your first time pregnancy.

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It’s all great to hear advice during your pregnancy, especially unwelcome advice. I’m sure you’ve been told by one person or another how to live. Am I right? It only gets worse the further along in your pregnancy you are. Someone will want to tell you that you shouldn’t bend, or walk a certain way, not to pick up a baby in case you hurt the one in your stomach or put yourself in labor. As the pregnancy gets closer to the due date you’ll be told many different home remedies of how to put yourself in labor. Got a headache? Someone can tell you exactly what to drink to get rid of it without any medication, remember it is important to ask a doctor before trying to take something you’ve never tried before doing it. But the most fun I have during the course of the 9-10 months stretch is hearing all the wives tales, also known as myths.

I’m pretty sure you aren’t going to even care at this point what sex the baby is, all you want is for the morning sickness to stop. You may even be counting down the days until the first trimester is over. Chances are if you morning sickness someone is bound to tell you what sex of the baby is. One wives tale is if you are having severe morning sickness is a sign you are having a girl.

Here’s a wives tale that is a lot of fun and you can test it on everyone in your household. Take a thin piece of string or your hair, slide your ring down it, hold it above your belly and let the ring dangle above it. If the rings spins in a circle it is a boy, but if it goes from one side to the other, it is a girl. Once you’ve tried it out on your tummy, get someone in your house and do it above their hand. Does the ring spin in a circle above your husband’s hand? Hmm, is it really and old wives tale or is there really something to it?

Many women claim to suffer from bouts of heartburn during the pregnancy, according to the old wives tell this would mean your baby will be born with a head full of hair.

Right before the end of your first trimester your doctor will listen to your baby’s heart rate, this is to make sure the baby is doing alright. The wives tale goes, if the heart rate is high it is a girl and a low one is a boy.

Ever have someone tell you that you are carrying high or low and wonder what that really means? Basically if you are carrying your baby low it is closer to your abdomen, a high baby is closer to your chest. Look at yourself in the mirror. How is your baby sitting? The old tale says that if you are carrying high it is a girl, carrying low is a boy.

Wives tales can be a lot of fun but keep in mind these aren’t fact. Don’t go preparing your child’s room just because one of these told you, you were going to have a girl.

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The minute you find out you are pregnant you know things are going to be changing, from your waist size to those little stretch marks that pop up. Stretch marks are exactly that, red or purple marks left in your skin because it has stretched. The most common areas for it to appear is the buttocks, thighs, stomach, breasts and even arms. 90 percent of all pregnant women will get them, whether they get a lot or a few depends on the body and how they are preventing them.

There are a ton of lotions out there that claim to help prevent stretch marks, such as scar serum, cocoa butter or Maderma. Make sure your skin is always moist, this helps in stretching the skin and not tearing it. There are new discoveries every day, ask your doctor what he/she recommends. Try them out yourself first and see if they work for you. This isn’t something you just put on one time during your pregnancy, you’ll have to make this a daily effort in order for it to work. That’s where most women fail, they just stop doing it.

During your pregnancy try to eat healthy and stay in shape. This can help to keep off any access weight. The recommended weight gain for the average, 25-35 healthy pregnancy is 25-35 pounds. Make sure you drink plenty of water, staying hydrated helps keep the skin healthy. The moment your skin dries out you can begin getting stretch marks.

If you’ve had one or more children your chances of getting more stretch marks will increase. Your skin has already been stretched out and you are about to do it again. Large babies and multiple babies can increase your chances of getting stretch marks too. Begin using preventing creams and lotions with vitamins A and E in them, as soon as you find out your are pregnant and try to lessen your chances of getting them.

After the pregnancy if you have any stretch marks you may still have a few stretch marks, even after all the care you took. These do fade over time, so don’t worry about the way you look. If they are unbearable to you and you’ve waited a while, you can choose to have a tummy tuck or laser removal. Make an appointment with a dermatologist to see what he/she has to tell you. You may discover that you can live with them after all.

Besides caring for your skin daily and eating right, there isn’t much you can do to prevent these beautiful pregnancy marks, however this doesn’t mean you don’t have to try. Take comfort in knowing that half the woman you know that have been pregnant probably have a mark or two, they may even have a little road map. Think about it as you’ve just been initiated into the gang of motherhood. No woman should ever feel ashamed of her stretch marks, they may not be the prettiest thing in the world but they do represent one thing…your child. Remember that the next time you are getting disgusted by them.

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